DeDe Leads

The world tries to write a song for young girls that limits their worth based on outdated definitions, that defines their beauty based on unrealistic expectations, and that supports divisiveness rather than mutual support. The result is a world filled with grown women, wives and mothers with low self-esteem and self-worth. Together, DeDe believes we can rewrite that song to represent girls and young women who will leave a strong, positive, lasting imprint on their world.

DeDe was inspired by the life of a close friend, Melanie Goodwin to help girls and young women redefine their self worth. People were drawn to Melanie because her self-confidence was based on her relationship with God and not her relationship with the world. Though her life was short, it had a lasting impact on everyone she met. DeDe hopes to help other young girls discover their own self worth and leave an equally strong impression on the world as Melanie.

DeDe understands the issues young women face today. Through her own music ministry, DeDe has had a unique opportunity to talk and build relationship with girls all over the country. She has heard their concerns and worked with them as they navigate the hurdles of adolescence and young womanhood. DeDe’s experience in the music industry has also given her a distinct perspective on the world’s expectations of beauty. Through her own experience and unique perspective, DeDe is able to inspire girls to rewrite the song the world has written for them and to believe their song can be one of true beauty!


  • He Said, She Said – Navigating the mysteries of boy/girl relationships.
  • Me and My Posse – Developing friendships that build each other up and don’t tear each other down.
  • Moms and Daughters – Understanding one of the most important relationships in a girl’s life.


  • S*E*X – What happens if you say “Yes.”
  • Your Safety Radar – Training to be always alert and aware of the potential dangers around you.


  • Red, Pink or ? – Redefining what it means to be beautiful.
  • Body by God – Appearance tips to help build self confidence in the bodies God gave us.


  • Dare to Dream – identifying our gifts and learning how to use them.


  • Girls of Faith – overcoming the barriers to a relationship with God
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