What is that tiny little line?

by DeDe Jones
Ocean Horizon Cruise

I recently had one of the coolest days ever on our family vacation, spending time with all the family celebrating a special occasion. At one moment during this special vacay, I found myself on the top floor of this huge cruise ship all alone. I turned my lounge chair around to face the big, beautiful Caribbean ocean. The sun was shining brightly in the incredibly blue sky. There wasn’t a plane or another ship anywhere to be seen. And the deep blue ocean went on and on for days – except for this long, tiny little line that separated the sky from the ocean. Its beauty was so profound to me. It reminded me once again of God’s distinct ability to create something so unexpected. There is no way man’s creation could equal God’s ability to separate the sky from the massive ocean with a tiny little line.

Everywhere we look, there are so many signs and wonders of God’s massive and beautiful creations and great works of art. I have traveled my entire life and every time I actually take a moment to stop and pay attention, I see God’s handiwork. I am reminded how much God loves me when I see the works of art he created just for you and me.

The hard part is when life gets in the way. Life is wonderful, but crazy. Work, ministry, family, friends, and the list goes on and on. I even find myself so busy doing ministry that I forget to stop and pay attention to the wonderment of God. Maybe we’re afraid to stop because we’re afraid of what we may have to deal with. Maybe we are too wrapped up in our own world to want to let God into it. Maybe we have convinced ourselves that staying busy taking care of all God has given us is appreciating what God has done. Whatever the reason, we often miss out on what God is trying to show us every day.

Real Hope reminds me that there is always a tiny little line right in front of me to show me God’s greatness. God is ever present in ALL things. We just have to be aware enough to see the special moments and not miss out. If we stop and take a moment, we will see that there is plenty of good, joy, love, happiness, kindness to go around. Don’t miss the splendor of it all. It is easy to get so busy that we forget to see the beauty. With God there is always beauty!

“From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth.” Pslam 50:2

Song of Inspiration
“Can’t Stop The Feeling” – Justin Timberlake

photo credit: Disney Magic Out To Sea via photopin (license)

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